Teamsters Investing in Teamsters

Welcome to the only Teamster-only defined benefit pension plan. It’s a pension plan for Teamster members in good standing and is operated and administered by Teamsters.

We are funded through member payroll deductions. There are no employer contributions, and contribution and benefit amounts are not subject to collective bargaining.

The Teamster Members Retirement Plan has been providing lifetime pensions since 1950. Today, we have almost 36,500 Teamster participants across the country.

Our Plan has higher accrual rates than many multiemployer plans. It is a valuable retirement option for all Teamsters—whether you already have a pension plan or not.

We do not compete with existing Teamster plans, and, we offer a 100% money back guarantee! All participants are guaranteed to get back at least 100% of what they contribute to the Plan.

Participants who join the Plan today can retire at age 65 and receive a monthly pension benefit equivalent to 1.75% of their total contributions. They’ll get back all of what they contributed in only 58 months and then continue to receive their monthly benefit for life. Once a participant contributes $260 to the Plan, he or she is fully vested.

To join the Teamster Members Retirement Plan, all it takes is for your unit’s membership to reach an agreement on an amount of payroll deduction to build their pensions and approval by the Plan’s Trustees.

For more information about our Plan, please take a look at our brochure.

The Department of Labor has issued guidance regarding the deadline extensions that were granted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Review this document for more information.

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If you’re interested in joining our Plan or want more information, call our Plan Office or contact any of our Trustees.

Board of Trustees

Patrick LoPresti
IBT Local 1-L President

Kevin Moore
IBT Carhaul Division Director

Michael Stafford
IBT Local 503-M President

Joseph L. Inemer, Jr.
IBT District Council 9 Principal Officer

Perry Kettner
IBT District Council 1 Principal Officer

Israel Castro
IBT Distict Council 3 Principal Officer

Michael Consolino
IBT District Council 4 Principal Officer

Gregory Nowak
IBT Brewery and Soft Drink Division Director

Lawrence Mitchell
Executive Director

455 Kehoe Boulevard, Suite 100, Carol Stream, IL 60188 (630) 752-8400